Ring Massage Roller

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A good helper to relax your muscles!
Release tension, tight muscles, and soreness with a full body deep tissue using this Ring Massage Roller! It uses a flexible, dual roller system to help massage your muscles, release lactic acid buildup, and recover faster when you need to keep your mobility and flexibility going strong.

Ideal for using at home, in the gym or while traveling or on vacation, it feels like finger massage therapy, the rollers help to massage areas that aren’t always easy to get to. It is very gentle and more comfortable, not overstimulated. Perfect for runners, exercise athletes, yoga and Pilates enthusiasts, swimmers, physical, dancers, or sports therapy patients, etc.


  • 360° Wrap Around Massage  Massages muscles 360° in all forms and directions, with its sleek drop-shaped floating points.
  • Full Body Massager  It can be used to massage multiple parts of the entire body, including calves, legs, forearms, elbows, arms, necks and other sore or painful areas.
  • Relieves Stress & Tension  Reducing tight muscles and relieving pain across the body can also have a positive effect on your mood because it can relieve stress, anxiety, or tension so you can rest more easily.

    • Directly Targets Chronic Inflammation  Effectively helps reduce inflammation, stimulate natural blood flow and circulation, and reduce muscle tension.
    • Small & Portable Design  The shape and lightweight body make it easier to keep in a gym bag, travel carry-on, or bedside table so you can get the customized myofascial release you need almost anywhere.
    • Comfortable Handles  Non-slip grip handles that can assist you in controlling and moving the roller easily to keep your muscles relaxed.
      Material: TPR + PVC
      Color: Pink 

      Product Included

      1 x Ring Massage Roller