Portable Car Air Compressor - Never Get Stranded Again!

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Having a flat tire from time to time is just part of life.

It's bound to happen at some interval! However, being stranded on the highway DOESN'T has to happen.
If you have our Portable Mini Air Compressor in tow, you can fix your tire and be on your merry way in no time!
Our air compressor is portable, lightweight, and very easy to use. Feel free to sue it on all types of tires and even to inflate air mattresses, rafts, and more!


Slot Trachea Collection:  Unique slot trachea placement design that's simple and convenient to use
Embedded Collection: You never have to worry about losing air!
Visible Tire Barometer: The tire barometer is very easy to control during inflation
Compact & Portable: Very easy to carry with you and a super-lightweight design


 Main Material: Environment-friendly non-toxic ABS
 Power Cord Length: 2.4m
 Size: 17.5x17.5x6.5cm
 Rated Voltage: DC12V
 Color: Black & Red
 Weight: 600g


1 X Portable Car Air Compressor