Innovative Safety Seat Belt Pillow

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Perfect for long road trips

Sleeping in the car can be really uncomfortable but sometimes kids can’t help but succumb to exhaustion. Not only is it literally a pain in the neck, but it can also be a safety issue, too.
This Pillow is the best way to prevent a sore neck, shoulder or back. It's perfect for sleeping or even just riding in the car. This pillow lets them drift off to dreamland safely and comfortably.
Kids can lay their head against it or, use it as an armrest to help keep good posture and the safest seat belt position. But hey, this product is not just for kids! It's great for adults, too. Adults can lean their arms on it for extra support and comfort during long drives.
The cover is easy to remove and machine washable. The pad is filled with soft, supportive cotton and covered by a soft, comfy micro-suede fabric.

Very comfortable. Easy to install

Say goodbye to sleep slump with the Pillow Innovative Seat Belt Pillows For Kids!
 Micro-suede fabric, filled with PP cotton
 This seat belt will comfortably support your head and neck.
 It is detachable and shrink-proof, non-deforming, very easy to clean.
 This seat belt snoozer cradles your head for a comfortable and safe snooze while your seatbelt remains securely buckled.- Sleep safely mile after mile without a sore neck and shoulder.


 Material Type: Cotton
 Item Width: 11inch
 Item Weight: 100g
 Item Length: 27inch

1 X Pillow