Pets Cute Squid Dog Chew Squeaky Toy

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You give your dog a new toy only to find its eyes ripped off and stuffing all over the house minutes later?

Or maybe your pup just doesn’t love those heavy stuffed toys, or likes them at first but quickly loses interest?

Whether you have a dog who rips the stuffing out of toys or a small dog who cherishes them, our 100% stuffing toys are perfect for your furry friend.

【SAFE & DURABLE MATERIAL】: Made of high-quality plush and cotton rope, safe for dogs. It is soft and bite-resistant, does not hurt the dog’s teeth, meets the chewing needs of medium or small dogs. And easy to clean, support hand wash, or machine wash.

【FUNNY SOUNDING TOY】: Built-in squeaker, When you tap or the dog bites them, they will make a crisp sound to attract the dog to bite, lure your beloved dog rushing to you. Divert the dog’s attention and reduce destructive chewing, barking, and other bad behaviors.

【ATTRACTIVE LOOK】: With cute cartoon expression and exquisite embroidery design will attract your dog’s attention and your dog willingness to play with it, ensure the playability of your dogs, so that it will keep your dog from damaging your furniture.

【INCREASE INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP】: Octopus tentacles made of cotton rope are very suitable for masters and pets to play tug of war or throw games. And pet can increase the movement by playing with this toy to maintain a strong body and keep healthy. At the same time, the chew toy is convenient for pet owners to interact with their pets in tug-of-war games and increase intimacy.

【SUITABLE FOR MEDIUM SMALL DOG】: These plush toys can bring a sense of security to pets and reduce their anxiety. When the owner is not around, dogs can alleviate loneliness by playing with plush toys. Suitable for medium/small puppy dogs.