Pet Hair Brush Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle

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This Pet Hair Brush Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle has rubber tips to loosen and comb out stray hairs from your cat or dog whilst giving them a relaxing massage. Best of all, when used with a ducted vacuum system, your pet won’t be scared by the noisy motor of a portable vacuum cleaner.
The pin-comb is a removable plate that you can pop out to clean any buildup of fluff and other debris. The head rotates 360 degrees on the handle for convenient cleaning, and happy ‘hair-lite’ pets in your home.
Pet Hair Brush for vacuum cleaners removes hair directly from your dog or cat – before it’s shed around the home. Collected hair is then sucked straight into the vacuum. The Pet Brush is easy to control.
  • Captures 99% of Loose Hairs and Allergens before your pet sheds
  • Works for virtually any Vacuum with the included Universal Attachment. Also works for Dyson Vacuums.
  • The Vacuum Groomer grooms your pets in minutes.
  • Works great for pets with medium and long hair
  • Adjustable bristle length. Use longer bristles for longer hair and retract them for shorter hair
  • Safe for your Pets