Levitating LED Soccer Ball

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For those who’ve been wondering if it’s possible to play soccer inside the house, the answer is yes — with this ball. This levitating soccer ball is a perfect solution for indoor use. With its unique levitating design, it’s an amazing toy that will keep your kids occupied for hours on end. Let them enjoy a fun and safe game in the comfort of their own home. This ball’s unique construction makes it safe for both your children and your furniture. Plus, it also features quality LED lights, making it visible in the dark. This led hover soccer ball is suitable for both inside and outside use, so do not let harsh weather conditions stand in the way of the game. Help your kids enjoy the game of soccer even when it gets cold outside, and it starts to rain or snow heavily. With this levitating ball, you will be able to keep kids out of their devices and spend some quality time together. 


There are numerous reasons to buy this ball, both as a gift for a special occasion or simply to pamper your nearest and dearest. The following are just to name a few:
  • This soccer hover ball is perfectly versatile, as it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s designed to float and glide across flat surfaces, making it suitable for indoor use. At the same time, you can enjoy using it outside. Gather your friends and family to have a fun friendly match.
  • It has an attractive design. Due to the use of LED lights, the ball is perfect for the dark time of the day. The ball flashes colorful lights making the game even more fun. Consider an exciting experience of playing in the dark to enjoy a challenging game.
  • This levitating soccer ball is super soft and flexible, thus using it around the house is safe for all the players as well as walls and furniture.
  • The user-friendly design makes this ball great for the whole-family fun. It’s super easy to use and provides a realistic experience, so you can feel as if you are playing actual soccer.
  • This air soccer hover ball is an ingenious tool for connecting your family, making those family bonds even stronger. Dive into some sports with your closest people and enjoy this quality pastime.


    This levitating soccer ball is made of premium materials, including ABS and the electronic component. It’s battery-operated and requires three AAA batteries (note that the batteries are not included). The size of the ball is approximately 18 cm x 4.5 cm (or 4.33" x 1.77''). 


    Whether there is a soccer enthusiast in your family or your kids are just considering taking up a new exciting hobby, this option is an excellent choice. Use this hover ball soccer for entertainment, as the game does not have to be competitive. Every member of your family will surely get their fair share of fun with this quality option. It allows improving the skills while providing your kids and you with a safe and exciting hobby.
    Package Includes :
    1 x Levitating LED Soccer Ball