Kitchen Hand Press Noodle Mold

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  • Simply unscrew and change the molds discs then you can make spaghetti fettuccine pasta noodles by yourself and it is easy to unscrew all the components for hand washing
  • By using a simple turning motion that you can instantly change regular dough into different sizes of noodles or juice the fruits with the handle, work smoothly and durable
  • Helpful kitchen tool for making noodles, pasta, and squeezing the fruits into juice; As creative gift for your cooking friends, mother, and even a chef, cooker
  • Control the proper mix of water and flour when you make the dough in order to avoid noodle breaking or sticking and exert the machine's function to the best extent
Main function:
Make delicious noodle and extract juice Easy operation, save time
Natural and harmless, tasteless and non-corrosive
Can be cleaned by water and kept as bright as when new
Flat noodle width: 5mm; Round noodle diameter:1mm/2mm/3mm

Making noodle:
1. Knead the dough with water to make it soft(Add some edible oil would be better)
2. Unscrew the cover and put the dough, vegetable, or have cut fruits into the drum, then screw  the handle, and noodle or juice will come out
3. Put the bottom of the machine close to the water for easy coming out
4. After usage, disassemble it and wash with water Color: As shown in the picture