Car Windshield Snow Cover With Carry Case

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Stop getting up early before work to scrape your windshield

Tired of scraping and wasting gas on defrosting your car windshield every day? There is no more need for a snow brush or scraper. With SnowShield™, all you have to do is lift it, shake and you’re ready to drive!
Keep your fingers warm. Our windshield cover for ice and snow will keep frost off your windshield. It has 6 powerful N52 magnets that are sewn in the cover’s edges which eliminates scratching your car and keeps the windshield snow cover in place during windy weather.

No need to scrape your windshield in the bitter cold

 Heavy polyester with weather-resistant PVC lining.
 6 powerful N52 magnets sewn in the cover
 Installs and removes in seconds
 Works with cars, trucks, and SUVs
 Quick-dry pouch means no soggy backseat
 No more hassle with straps and hooks
 Multi-Purpose Cover


 Material Type: Umbrella cloth
 Year: Universal

1 X SnowShield