Adjustable Baby Potty Training Seat

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Are you looking for a baby training seat with an anti-slip footboard for added safety? Our Adjustable Baby Potty Training Seat is perfect for both boys and girls potty training.

Adjustable Baby Potty Training Seat

Adjustable - Our potty training seat is ideal for children aged 6 months to 6 years old, and the footrest is flexible (two height options), so you can continue to use it as your children mature.
Sturdy - Our potty trainer is made of high-quality PP and can accommodate up to 110lbs. It is strong enough for your toddler to crawl up and down. The lining on the toilet seat makes it more comfortable.
Design - Our potty toilet seat is designed for V-shaped, U-shaped, and O-shaped toilets, not square toilets, and it is simple to detach and fold up so that adults can use the toilet as well.

Package Content
1x Adjustable Baby Potty Training Seat

Weight: 2.31lbs
Material: PP Plastic
Weight Capacity: 110lbs