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Want To Help With Back Pain And Muscle Tension?

Trying to find a way to relieve back pain or any sort of pain for that matter? If you have tried all the creams and supplements and still have not felt better, then you need to try the safer and active way to ease your pain.

With our Acupressure Mat, you'll be able to use the method of acupressure in the comfort of your own home and without spending a fortune on a therapist who can do the same thing our Acupressure Mat can do.
Here’s Why People Love Acupressure Mat.

Our Acupressure mat is handmade and uses high-quality and hypoallergenic natural linen. The Acupressure mat is designed for producing a relaxing sensation and healing effects that no cream or supplement can do. Why? because the body needs pressure in certain spots that only our Acupressure Mat can hit. It supports:
  • A Relaxed body and mind
  • Relief for tense muscles
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Helps with deep, restful sleep
  • Stress Reduction
    How To Use:
    1. Open the Acupressure mat and lie down or sit on your bed or couch, you can also use the Acupressure mat on the floor.
    2. Make sure to remove clothing for direct contact with the acupressure mat spikes.
    3. When lying down you can also use your knees for more pressure by being them towards the acupressure mat.
    4. Lie down for up 30 minutes on our Acupressure mat.


    Full Body Massage
    Yoga Matt mat only for back and neck pain, You can also place your thighs, calf, or feet on the mat to get an all-directional tension relief.
    Blood Circulation
    The acupressure mat helps your blood circulation and provides the body the much-needed pressure in the area that may be lacking proper blood flow

    The Acupressure mat is made lightweight so you can take it anywhere in your bag or be able to store it easily

    No More Expenses
    Never go to other massage therapists or chiropractic treatment with our Acupressure Mat.

    Pain Relief
    The acupressure mat helps to relieve back, neck, shoulder, pelvis, and even headaches. The acupressure mat is the best solution for any pain you may have in the most natural way

    Stress And Anxiety
    After using our acupressure mat you will notice a lower stress level and decrease in anxiety throughout your day
    What does the set include?

    What's Included?
    1x Acupuncture Mat Relaxation Set